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Core Drill Bit

Core Drill Bit

Product Description:

1. Used for the core bits  from diameter 10mm to 350mm. the drilling length:50/100mm 

2. Applicable for reinforced concrete  drilling /stone  drilling .

3. Characterized by high sharpness and long life span.

4. We can design the diamond segments according to stone feature, such as hard, medium-hard or soft.

5.Market approved quality, all of our products have been strictly tested before access to market,

Any other specification are available. welcome to contract us .


Outer Diameter Segmnet Dimension Teeth No.   Application
32mm 16*4.0* 10mm 4pcs

For drill 




37mm 16*4.0* 10mm 5pcs
40mm 16*4.0* 10mm 5pcs
42mm 16*4.0* 10mm 5pcs
47mm 16*4.0* 10mm 6pcs
52mm 16*4.0* 10mm 7pcs
56mm 16*4.0* 10mm 8pcs
63mm 24*4.5* 10mm 6pcs
76mm 24*4.5* 10mm 8pcs
83mm 24*4.5* 10mm 8pcs
90mm 24*4.5* 10mm 9pcs
102mm 24*4.5* 10mm 9pcs
108mm 24*4.5* 10mm 10pcs
120mm 24*4.5* 10mm 11pcs
132mm 24*4.5* 10mm 12pcs
160mm 24*5.0* 10mm 13pcs
182mm 24*5.0* 10mm 14pcs
202mm 24*5.0* 10mm 16pcs
250mm 24*5.0* 10mm 17pcs
300mm 24*5.0* 10mm 18pcs
350mm 24*5.0* 10mm 20pcs