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Resin Frankfurt

Product Description:

Marble abrasives are with the most stable quality and mass production, fullest accessories and highest applications in abrasive industry presently, which in considered as the most widely using tools of polishing.Diversified products can fit different demands of customers.


We adjust formula for different kinds of slabs, bringing an ideal shining and high-clearness effect, such as high gloss slab, mat-gloss slab, rustic slab and semi-polishing slab, displaying a scene of falt and smooth natural texture inside the stones.


This frankfurt abrasive is a patented tool which is obtained by concentrating the abrasive element into small sphere. It is used in the smoothing of marble, travertine and artificial marble. By applying the resin series and synthetic series of abrasive, it can reach a result of reduction in cost and increase in productivity.



Products Advantages:

1, high efficiency

2, low cost

3, outstanding polishing effect

4, long lifespan

5, competitive price


Grits:  400#600#800#1000#1200#1500#3000#